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Who We Are: About Us

In the late 1990’s we had a successful software company with a staff of 60 who worked in a virtual office environment and we needed a seamless way to share our processes, transactions and documents.  

OUR SOLUTION: Develop a web-based application to automate our sales process, order management, commissions and customer support to manage our operations with complete visibility across all departments.

After our company was acquired, we quickly realized that there was no Enterprise Management Software based on operational workflow. As a result, we started NEX Enterprise Driver to drive transactions through the enterprise with solid validations and controls. We wanted other companies to benefit from the tools that made us successful.

THE PLAN: Create a system that can consolidate all business processes in one seamless application including workflows for each process. We added customer relationship management, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, invoicing and shipping to our order management and support modules to provide one continuous workflow.

THE RESULT:  We eliminated the copious number of technologies used by companies by replacing it with one application that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Customers run their business with full control, reduced costs and increased profits.

Who We Are: About Us
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