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Increase profitability through increased operational efficiency

Flawless Execution

Automation and strong process control supports sales growth and increases customer satisfaction

Order Management

Process Overview
The key to achieving revenue is flawless execution of the entire sales process

Order fulfillment made simple by streamlining and automating your process.

  • Eliminate data re-entry with one continuous process from quote to invoice.

  • Leads are converted into opportunities, opportunities into orders, orders to timely shipments, generating accurate invoices for those shipments, and finally, collecting revenue.

  • Control your process, and ensure strict compliance to your standard operating procedures, with the NEX workflow

  • Set permissions to control access and automate approvals, tasks, reminders, emails, and more.

Order Management Process
increase, maximize, boost

Unleash your company's full potential and utilize the power to make informed decisions

Benefit increase efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Enhance your teams' productivity by streamlining and automating order management 

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Benefit maximize accuracy

Maximize Accuracy

Make business decisions by using accurate, real-time data and strengthen your competitive advantage

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Benefit reduce errors

Reduce Errors

Eliminate costly mistakes by implementing clear processes, protocols, and controls

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Benefit boost customer satisfaction

Boost Customer Satisfaction

By increasing your teams efficiency, reducing errors, and maximizing accuracy you will boost customer trust and satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals

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