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Increasing Profitability With Operational Efficiency

Welcome to NEX Order Management, where flawless execution is powered by automation and process control. Our cutting-edge solution empowers you to effortlessly create, track, and fulfill orders with unmatched precision, streamlined operations, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

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Streamline and Automate Your Order-to-Cash Process

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Operational Excellence Guaranteed

Powered by the NEX Workflow, streamline operations, maximize productivity, and increase customer satisfaction





End-to-End Order Management 

From simple to complex orders, NEX's comprehensive tools optimize operations and empower your business for success




Centralized Monitoring and Analytics

Utilize real-time data for profit and revenue analysis, order and shipment tracking, commission management and more


Efficient Order Processing for Increased Profitability

Booking the order is only the first step. Empower your business by connecting sales, operations, and finance teams to ensure accurate and on time deliveries, eliminate billing errors, and strengthen revenue recognition. Powered by the NEX workflow, ensure compliance to your standard operating procedures, automate tasks, emails, and approvals, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

  Optimize & Automate      Cohesive Operations

Oder Management

Flawless Execution

Automation and strong process control supports sales growth and increases customer satisfaction

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Process Overview

The key to achieving revenue is flawless execution of the entire sales process.

NEX simplifies your order fulfillment by streamlining and automating your process.

  • Eliminate data re-entry with one continuous process from quote to invoice
  • Leads are converted into opportunities, opportunities into orders, orders to timely shipments, generating accurate invoices for those shipments, and finally, collecting revenue
  • Control your process, and ensure strict compliance to your standard operating procedures, with the NEX workflow
  • Set permissions to control access and automate approvals, tasks, reminders, emails, and more


Order Management Workflow


Sales Orders & Shipping

Connect sales, operations, and finance to ensure accurate order processing and eliminate billing errors.

The sales order is the operational heart, linking all key actions required for order fulfillment with complete visibility throughout the process.

  • Product options and consumables linked to each product to eliminate errors and increase sales
  • Create purchase orders, or allocate inventory directly from your sales order
  • Multiple currency support for buying, selling and commission calculations
  • Tax control at the line, order, and invoice level ensures the proper tax calculations
  • Multiple shipments for each sales and purchase order
  • Easily generate packing lists and export and compliance documents
  • Serial numbers and lot control to ensure full traceability
  • Products are automatically linked to customers for warranty and support


   Sales Order Flow-1R

Invoicing & Payments

Recognizing revenue made easy.

NEX facilitates and automates creating, submitting, and paying invoices 

  • Automatically generate recurring invoices for rental, software, and support contracts or any other recurring charges required
  • Configurable workflows automate your invoicing process and ensure invoices are submitted to customers and payments are received
  • Eliminate data duplication by directly integrating to your accounting system
  • Detailed invoicing reports provide full visibility at a micro (product) and macro (sales order, customer, etc.) level
  • Customer portal gives customers the ability to view a complete history and status of invoices


Maximize company revenue by motivating sales professionals to maximize their earnings.

Easily roll out new commission plans with NEX and save hours by automating your commission calculations, and eliminating errors and discrepancies.
  • Automatic commission calculations based on your predefined criteria such as products, orders, users, etc.
  • Make commission adjustments with ease, whenever the need arises
  • Real-time visibility and transparency keeps your teams motivated, on target, and to gain insight into performance
  • Commission payment management ensures accuracy and saves time

Unleash Your Company's Potential and Make Informed Decisions

Increase Efficiency

Enhance your teams' productivity by streamlining and automating order management

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Eliminate costly mistakes by implementing clear processes, protocols, and controls

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Maximize Accuracy

Make business decisions by using accurate, real-time data and strengthen your competitive advantage

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Boost Customer Satisfaction

Increase team efficiency, reduce errors, and maximize accuracy to boost customer trust, satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals.

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The accuracy and efficiency it brought to order processing saved us time and eliminated errors. Our team is more streamlined, and our customers are happier with on-time deliveries. NEX truly delivers on its promise!


John Hayes
COO, Accelerate Inc.

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