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How it works

NEX runs your business and QuickBooks manages your books

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Data entry is made in NEX and linked to your existing QuickBooks data. If the data doesn't exist, NEX automatically creates it for you, eliminating the need to duplicate entries.

NEX does all the heavy lifting

NEX does everything.
We create customers, suppliers, products, sales orders, purchase orders, shipments (with all related documents), and invoices.
We manage your documents, sales, inventory, warehouses, production, service, recurring billing, commissions, payments, and account receivables.

QuickBooks is used for accounting

QuickBooks is used to pay your suppliers, pay commission statements that NEX generates, payrolls, taxes, bank reconciliations, and financial statements.
It is used for chart of accounts, journal entries, financial statements, and expenses not related to COGS.

We guarantee a seamless integration.


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