Native Integrations

NEX seamlessly connects to your applications

Simplify Your Workflow

Eliminate Data Re-Entry

Reduce Risk

Focus On What Matters


Your Website

Leads and Opportunities

Use the NEX website forms to automate data entry. NEX will automatically create leads,  companies, contacts, notes, opportunities, and more with the information provided by your customers. Leverage the NEX workflow to automate emails and tasks to ensure no customer is forgotten.

NEX integrates with your website



NEX integrates with Shopify for all your ecommerce needs. Customers create orders in Shopify and NEX automatically creates or links customers, contacts, orders, shipments, and invoices as needed.  

Using inventory? No problem, NEX inventory will keep your Shopify inventory up to date!

NEX also integrates with your accounting system, so you don't have to worry about entering data in multiple applications.


Power BI


Automatically connect your data from NEX into Power BI to create additional reports and data visualizations as required.

Microsoft-Power BI



NEX seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to ensure your finances are always kept up to date. NEX runs your business and QuickBooks to manage your books. Eliminate duplicate data entry and let NEX do all the heavy lifting. 

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SAP® Software


Send invoices and payments from NEX directly to your SAP® software to avoid duplicating data entries.

NEX integrates with SAP



Send invoices and payments from NEX directly to your Oracle® software to avoid duplicating data entries.

NEX Integrates with Oracle


Transport Management

NEX integrates with Shipcaddie for all your transportation management needs. All shipment and packaging details are automatically sent to Shipcaddie for shipment creation, label printing, freight charge calculations, and more. Freight charges, tracking numbers, and more are automatically logged into NEX for tracking, billing, and document printing, removing the need for duplicate data entry and reducing the risk of human error.

NEX integrates with Shipcaddie

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