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Customer Relationship Management

360° Customer View

Streamline and automate your sales process from lead generation to close, and increase sales.

CRM Workflow
Lead Generation & Management
  • NEX integrates directly to your website to automate data entry for leads (companies, contacts, notes, etc) and/or opportunities 
  • Use campaigns with analytics to generate leads
  • Track the progress of every prospect in real-time and identify areas for improvement within the sales funnel
Efficiently Manage Your Day-to-Day
  • Manage your customers from prospect to order in one continuous workflow
  • Configure your user and customer dashboards to perfectly align with your everyday requirements
Sales Forecasting & Analytics
  • Utilize real-time data to create accurate forecasts and drive predictable revenue
  • Track activities and conversion rates to offer targeted coaching and achieve unprecedented success

Order Management

Flawless Execution

The key to achieving revenue is flawless execution of the entire sales process.

Operational Excellence Guaranteed
  • Control your process, and ensure strict compliance to your standard operating procedures, with the NEX workflow
  • Automate emails, tasks, and approvals to ensure users stay on track
End to End
  • Eliminate data re-entry with one continuous process from quote to invoice
  • Multiple shipments, purchase orders,  invoices, and/or payments per sales order
  • Automatic commission calculations
Reports & Analytics
  • Comprehensive shipment tracking report for monitoring every order's shipping status across all customers
  • Detailed invoicing and payment reports provide full visibility at a micro (product) and macro (sales order, customer, etc) level
  • Commission reports to gain insight into performance and compare key metrics across sales force
Order Management Workflow

Inventory Management

Optimize Inventory, Increase Profitability

Take the guesswork out of managing your inventory and optimize your stock levels.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking
  • Monitor stock levels and access detailed inventory data including sales history, transfers, adjustments, cost, and suppliers
  • Financial report designed to obtain inventory levels and cost for any date
Multi-Warehouse Control
  • Track lot numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, and more, across multiple warehouses
  • Create and track transfers between warehouses
  • Full visibility of inventory currently on order, in transit or in each real or virtual warehouse
Opportunities & Sales Orders
  • Allocate inventory to opportunities and sales orders, to optimize order processing and never run out of stock
  • Manage allocations using the inventory report and track each product through the order process


Exceed Expectations

Empower your service team, lower costs, streamline support operations, and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Product
  • Delivered products or software are registered to your customer ("customer product") and include all the information you need to be ready for support
  • Eliminates data re-entry, when a ticket is created, the details are taken from the customer product, including warranty, delivery, manufacturer, service technicians, and support contracts
  • Required information is automatically pulled from the customer product and company profile
  • Define your own ticket types with currency and pricing (regular, overtime, holiday), to ensure proper invoicing
  • Configure the workflow to meet your business process and automate task creation, internal/external communications, reminders, customer approval, and more
  • Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices directly from the ticket page with one click of a button
Statistics & Reports
  • In-depth service reports and statistics to gain key insights and make real-time business decisions
  • Compare actual response and resolution times vs service level agreement required times to keep your team on track
  • Monitor actual vs billable hours to maximize profitability
  • Always have a clear view of who is doing what and better manage the service teams' workload
  • Invoice multiple service tickets on one invoice with one click
Service Workflow
Empower your customers with the Customer Portal to give your customers the ability to effortlessly create, view, and manage tickets

Customer Portal

Enable Your Customers

The customer portal empowers your customers to create and manage their service requests, view and download invoices, and create and track payments

Invoices & Payments
  • View, manage, and download invoices for record keeping
  • Track payment amounts, dates, and make payments*
  • Create, view, and manage all service tickets
  • Complete history of all tickets, communications, resolutions, and more



Replace, Repair, Return, Refund

Simplify returns, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline your business operations.

  • Create directly from the sales order with one click
  • NEX automatically creates the RMA with the required customer and product information
  • Enter additional required details and send it to your customer with the click of a button.
Complete Information
  • Track return reasons and shipments
  • Log received condition
  • Record adjudications such as returns, repairs, and replacements
  • Create customer credits
Analytics & Insights
  • Leverage the report to generate insights of your returns and drive business decisions


Automate & Optimize

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to increased efficiency with manufacturing built into your daily operations.

Connect Sales, Purchasing & Manufacturing
  • Request productions and/or allocate manufactured units directly from the opportunity and/or sales orders
  • BOM purchase requests are listed for all productions to consolidate POs and reduce procurement costs
Products, Costs, & BOM
  • Products are preconfigured with parts and bill of material (BOM) required for manufacturing and are automatically loaded when a production is created, including quantities available/shortages
  • Full visibility of costs from parts to pre-configured production cost types
  • Configure and customize detailed work orders and quality assurance sheets for each product
Production Planner & Report
  • Use the production planner to manage open manufacturing requests and efficiently consolidate requests, schedule, and generate production runs
  • Production report provides details of all current and past productions to drill down on specific manufacturing details

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