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Operations-Driven and Cloud-Based: The Future of Business Management
Complete, Adaptable, and Scalable
Out of the box complete solution that is flexible and scalable to meet your growing needs
Optimization, Automation, and Control
Industry leading workflow to optimize and automate your processes and ensure your standard operating procedures are followed
Real-Time Tracking and Complete Visibility
Real-time reports and performance tracking to mitigate risks, make informed decisions, and optimize resources and processes
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With low implementation costs and high returns, NEX is your solution for guaranteed success


Happy Customers

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NEX helped up streamline our workflow. With automated approvals, reminders, emails, and tasks, our teams have never been better aligned, allowing sales to focus on selling and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Alice Zhang
Tyrone Wang CA(SA)
We had the pleasure of working closely with NEX during the implementation of their ERP solution for our business. Their professionalism, commitment to excellence, and willingness to go the extra mile were evident throughout the process. NEX's insights and support were invaluable, allowing us to streamline operations and achieve significant efficiencies. Our partnership with NEX has been outstanding, and we highly recommend their services to organizations seeking a reliable ERP solution.
Tyrone Wang CA(SA)
Accounting & Finance, First Atlantic Commerce Ltd.
Veronica Tilli
We contacted NEX to replace our legacy billing system. They had us up and running in 3 weeks and finally have accurate billing. Now we are using NEX to automate customer interactions, reporting, and much more.
Veronica Tilli


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