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Take control of your business

Streamline business processes and operations with the end to end enterprise management software for all your business needs.

Manage your business
Business Solution
Secure and scalable solution
Cloud Solution


NEX is designed to manage your entire business with a focus on operations and is configurable to adapt to any business process.


Our hosting service ensures that you focus on your business while we focus on keeping your data secure, scalable and always available.


NEX uses the latest technology to give your users access to the information you need when and where you need it.

NEX: The end-to-end solution

Utilizing a singular, centralized repository of customer information significantly enhances the efficiency and collaboration among employees. This leads to a dynamic and flexible work environment, where employees can respond to challenges quickly. This increased agility leads to improved productivity, customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue.

Ent to end business management

System Wide Features

In NEX information is connected in a cohesive manner, providing clear visibility of its sources and relationships

End to End Enterprise Management

Your entire operation in one workflow:

Sales process, Order Management, PurchasingInventory control, Invoicing, and Support.

Enterprise Management, Workflow, Order Management

Start making informed decisions today.
NEX: The real time end-to-end enterprise management system for the modern workplace.

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