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  • Want perfect execution and do not have time to double check everything.

  • Need all their information in one place and not spread across spreadsheets, emails and databases.

  • Can’t afford the risk of losing information with the loss of an employee.

  • Need to ramp up new team members quickly without dedicating endless resources.

  • Don’t want to see their staff waste time digging up information for other team members.

  • Want to get rid of printing and filing paper.

  • Need complete visibility of customer engagement, sales, order, service status and inventory.

  • Have concerns on the time, cost and resources required to implement an ERP.

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If these issues sound familiar, contact us now to find out why NEX is the right solution for you

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  • We spent all this time and money on an ERP and we still use spreadsheets, and databases.

  • We provide customized services and/or products. No system can handle everything for us.

  • I want to spend more time on business development, but I’m dragged down by operations.

  • I fear the day our supervisor leaves because she’s the only one who knows how things work.

  • We have no complete real-time view of our performance due to multiple databases and systems.

  • I see our staff entering and re-entering the same information repeatedly.

  • The admin staff makes mistakes. We have no way of validating their work.

  • Export documentation is complicated, and we do the paperwork by hand.

  • We have compliance issues with export, restricted countries and LCs.

  • I find myself spending time on operations instead of business development.

  • I want to get ISO certified but we’re not ready.

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If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, contact us now to find out why NEX is the right solution for you

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  • Automation tools allow employees to spend more time on critical value-added activities and provide the agility for your organization to grow.

  • To scale your business, you need a strong process driven system for your sales and operations.

  • A single system is the best way to provide real-time, accurate data for better decision making.

  • Standardization across all departments achieves significant cost savings, improves competitiveness, and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Continuity with the system guiding the workflow is needed to allow new users to step into any function.

  • To reduce carbon footprint, we need to eliminate printing and provide support for home-based users.

  • Speed-to-market with fast and accurate order turnaround increases profitability and sales.

  • Standard operating procedures supported by technology prepares you for ISO certification.

  • Customer service improves with access to entire customer history, documents and communications with the click of a mouse.

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If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, contact us now to find out why NEX is the right solution for you

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  • Automate processes and easily access all the information you need.

  • Complex sales and administration processes are standardized and automated.

  • Built-in best practices to validate all transactions.

  • Customize your system to empower your organization and respond quickly to your internal business, external customer and supplier needs.

  • New features and modules are easy to add as your organization changes and grows.

  • Configurable workflow, tasks, emails and reminders.

  • Transparency and consistency across departments; everyone follows the same process.

  • A system designed around operations, eliminating all redundant and duplicate entries.

  • Employees perform at their highest level with minimal supervision.

  • Control and standardize communication with customers and partners.

  • Increase processing throughput.

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